Loveland Lofts is located in a restored 1905 building and is the ideal place for exploring southwestern Ohio’s Little Miami River valley. Meander the bike trails which extend from Cincinnati to Xenia (70 miles) with connections to over 100 additional miles of trail. Canoe or kayak down the lazy Little Miami River which runs through five counties, 20 townships, and 12 communities eventually joining the Ohio River just east of downtown Cincinnati. More than half a million outdoor enthusiasts visit the area each year to take advantage of the river and related recreational opportunities.  

Before Loveland became what it is today, the " Sweetheart of Ohio", home to 12,000 residents spanning Hamilton, Clermont, and Warren county, it was a beautiful valley along the Little Miami River, whose first settler was Colonel Thomas Paxton in 1795.

Loveland was originally named Paxton, until the year 1848, when his son-in-law William Ramsey, bought the 189 acres of land in Warren and Clermont Counties. He then decided to name the town Loveland, after James Loveland, a man who operated a post office and a general store that residents visited frequently, near the railroad tracks downtown. The Little Miami Railroad in Downtown Loveland (built in 1853), provided service from Cincinnati to Xenia, and caused a significant population growth as Cincinnati commuters passed through the river town each day.

The bridge over the Little Miami River was built in 1872, to join Hamilton and Clermont Counties together to improve growth in the area. Due to this boundary, the areas on each side of the river were once referred to as "East" and "West" Loveland. In 1950, the towns population increased significantly since being a village of 800 residents in 1876. In 1980, the inactive Little Miami Railroad passage was converted into a bike trail and became part of the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail in 1984. Today, Loveland is known for its thriving community with beautiful parks and scenic river, a wonderful school distract and a hot spot for travelers and local outdoor enthusiast who enjoy feeling the sense of community within a city.