Reignite your Date Night with a New and Exciting Adventure! 

Have you ever gone on a date and felt like it was the same old routine where you've left unsatisfied and wished for more connection?

The effort to come up with creative ideas to spice up your relationship and keep the sparks flying is challenging. We all yearn for something exciting and adventurous in our lives but aren't sure what that looks like without having to do something extreme. This is where the Lofts can help change that.

We have started a Couples Challenge Package where guests can purchase an experience that will spark connection in a creative and fun new way. After all, our town is known as the Sweetheart of Ohio.

How it Works: 

When you book a room mention in the comment section how you are interested in the couples challenge. I will then email you a questionaire to fill out that will address what you are willing to participate in during your stay. Some examples of questions without giving the challenges away; Will you go on this challenge hungry and wanting to eat? Are you willing to explore your artistic side (you don't need to be talented for this)? Would you be up for something that involves physical activity (nothing hard but up and moving) or to relax? List your price range of what you're willing to spend on your date (this includes possible charges from the Lofts and anything you might spend while participating in the challenge). 

Your answers will generate which challenge would best suit you and your partner. The instructions for your challenge will then be laid out in your room when you arrive. There will also be a free additional challenge (simple ways to connect) idea that is in the instructions and access to our deck of connection cards located in the hall credenza to enjoy at your leisure.

How it Came About:

This idea of bringing our guests an experience during there stay was inspired by a book I bought my husband a few years ago called The Adventure Challenge. We have 3 young boys, our youngest is 19 months old, if we were lucky enough to go out on a date, we would go to a restaurant and spend most of the dinner talking about our kids. Then end up back home flipping through Netflix ...that's what 10 years of marriage with children will do to you. We were losing our spark because as young parents were exhausted and didn't have the time or energy to come up with something new, let alone creative. Then I stumbled upon this book. It was a game changer and we have enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share the neat experience with my guests specific to our location. Loveland is the perfect place to do it in so many ways.

Time to step out of your comfort zone and create fun filled memories that you can look back on as the highlight of your stay! 

There is something for everyone! Depending on your preference, this package can start as low as $25. If you are interested or want to discuss more details email me at and I will be more than happy to help get your couples challenge in motion.